Payment Options

Charleston offers online payment for utility services through our website. You will need your customer account number to make the online payment, and there is a $2.50 convenience fee up to $50.00, then it is 2.8% past that for using this online payment service.  So for example if your bill is $72.00, you will pay a convenience fee of $3.12.
There is now an option available to avoid paying any extra fees for paying your utility bill! You can stop by City Hall or call and provide an email address and we will happily provide a form to fill out for bank draft. By signing up for bank draft, we will automatically deduct the amount of your water bill out of your account each month, on or before the due date. This allows the customer peace of mind that their bill will be paid on time!

*You can also make utility payments at Charleston City Hall via cash, check, or card at 204 North Main Street in Charleston, MO.



We also offer an online payment option for traffic fines and court fees. There are fees associated with this online payment option, which are percentage-based and will be calculated during the payment process.