COVID-19 Crisis Management for City Hall, Water Bills and Public Parks

COVID-19 Crisis Management

For City Hall, Water Bills and Public Parks


City Hall Closed to Public Traffic:  Charleston City Hall is now closed to public walk-in traffic.  All transactions are being conducted at the window in the drive-thru lane, or you can leave a payment in the drop box.  If you need to speak with someone in person at City Hall or have a need to meet with the City Manager, please call 573-683-3325, to make arrangements to enter the building.  We regret having to take this step, but feel it is necessary with the COVID-19 crisis we are facing.


Pay Your Water Bill On-Line or By Phone:  In an effort to encourage residents to pay water bills without coming to City Hall at all, the city is temporarily waiving the $3.00 fee for using a credit/debit card for an on-line payment or a phone payment.  If you want to pay on-line, go to and click on Payment Options at the top of the home page.  You can also pay by phone by calling 573-683-3325.  Please note the $3.00 credit/debit card fee will still apply if you come to City Hall and use your card.


Public Parks:  In response to COVID-19 concerns, public restrooms in city parks will remain locked for the foreseeable future.  Also, be aware that picnic pavilions are not being maintained by the city and these areas are not sanitized.  (The same applies to playground equipment.)  No reservations are being taken for the picnic pavilions for the time being.  If you use the pavilions, you do so at your own risk.  Your group must not exceed ten (10) people, you should sanitize all seating and tabletop areas prior to use, and your should take your trash with you and dispose of it at home.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.