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City Hall to Close at 4:00 PM

Beginning Monday, January 28th, Charleston City Hall will close to the public at 4:00 pm daily instead of 5:00 pm.  City Hall will still open to the public at 8:00 am each day.  Employees at City Hall will still be working until 5:00, but public access to the building will end at 4:00 pm daily.

"The change gives the ladies at City Hall an uninterrupted hour at the end of each day to close out the day, get their daily reports done, and balance," said City Manager Richard Goode.  "It is very similar to the way banks operate and is something we should have done a long time ago."

Goode also stressed that customers needing to pay water bills can still leave payments in the drop box on the north end of the building at any time.  "Payments left after 4:00 pm will simply be credited the next morning.

The change will not affect late payment fees if water bills are not paid by the 21st day of each month, he added.  "At 8:00 am on the 22nd of each month, we empty out the drop box and credit any payments there as being received on the 21st.  Those payments are considered received on time," Goode said.  "After 8:00 am on the 22nd, payments are late and a late payment fee is applied.  Nothing changes in that regard."